Heat Pump Repair Miami – 5 Myths Busted
Heat pumps can be a very effective method to heat your home during the winter. However, not many people use them to their optimal benefit owing to the many myths that contort the reality. Ask your heat pump repair Miami technician when you have any doubts so you can act on facts rather than myths.
Here are a few top myths busted, so you could understand and benefit from this method of heating:
Myth no.1: Heat pumps are not energy efficient
Truth: Heat pumps are quite efficient. This myth is born out of the practice of keeping the heat pump on, even when not at home, the whole day, because it would take too long to reheat the room when you need it.
Turn off the heat pump when you leave the room for more than 4 hours. The heat pump can reheat the room pretty quickly and you end up saving plenty on energy. Check with your heat pump repair Miami technician for tips on how to optimize energy use in your home.
Myth no.2: Setting the thermostat higher, would get room heated quicker.
Truth: There is no truth in this assumption. The room would not get heated faster if the thermostat is turned up higher than required. You are actually straining the pump for no reason and thereby reducing its energy efficiency. To enjoy optimal results, always fix the thermostat to the actual room temperature you prefer.
Myth no.3: If the heat pump is good, insulation is never a problem while heating a room.
Truth: Nothing could be further than the truth. Insulation is critical to the efficiency of any heating appliance/ unit. In fact, this is the first advice any heat pump repair Miami technician would offer you, i.e. that you ensure your home is adequately insulated. This would bring down the utility cost considerably and you can enjoy the satisfaction of promoting a green home.
Myth no.4: Size does not matter; it’s the brand and model that counts when you buy a new heat pump.
Truth: Size is critical. While brand, make and model are important, you need to ensure that you choose the right size pump for your heating requirements, if you do not want to strain the machine or waste energy while using it. Always take the advice of a heat pump repair Miami expert before making this decision. A wrong choice will cost you dearly either in utility bills or repair costs.
Myth no.5: The latest heat pumps are all the same. Brand and model does not really matter. When you plan on buying one, the one factor you should pay attention to is its price.
Truth: Like all machines, brand, model and size is important. While it is true that the latest models use latest technology, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered before buying one for your home, such as the size of your home, the maximum temperature difference between outdoors and indoors in winter, maintenance requirements, warranty and guarantee offered by the company and so on. You would do best to consult with a heat pump repair Miami technician before you make this decision.
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Whenever your air conditioner starts to act up, the first thing that comes to mind is to contact an AC repair technician. Getting down to the bottom of the problem is ideal, and sometimes you can do a bit of diagnosing on your own. If you are wondering whether your current problem may require heat pump repair Miami services, then you’ll find the following information to be helpful.

Before you begin troubleshooting for a possible need for heat pump repair Miami, make sure that your AC system has already had routine maintenance performed. Afterward, you can get down to searching for the issue.

Does Your HVAC Unit Blow Out Heat?

One way to find out if your heat pump needs heat pump repair Miami is to see if your central HVAC system will blow out any heat. Set your thermostat to heat and set it to above room temperature. This will allow the heat pump alone to turn on without the backup electric elements. Next, turn on the fan switch.

Does Your Fan the Furnace or Air Handler Run?

If when you turned on the fan switch, the fan didn’t turn on, you should first check the fuses and breakers. Look for the furnace or handler switch to see if it has tripped. If it did, then your issue may involve a faulty wiring connection, or it could be the blower motor or control board. On the other hand, if the breaker didn’t trip, then the issue may lie with the thermostat, fan relay or low voltage wiring.

If the fan does turn on, switch to emergency heat on the thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat is set to at least five degrees above the room temperature. Wait a while to see if warm air is coming through your vents. If so, then the issue may lie with the outdoor unit.

Checking the Outdoor Unit

If everything goes fine with the above, then you’ll want to troubleshoot your outdoor unit instead. Switch off the emergency heat on the thermostat, then wait a few minutes. Go out to your outdoor unit and check to see if there is any ice or frost buildup on the system. If so, then there is an issue with your defrost control or the unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant. The unit can be manually forced to defrost to determine whether the defrost control is faulty. If it doesn’t, then it’s possible that the timer motor is bad. On newer units, pins are used to jump start the defrost, and if this doesn’t work then the issue is likely with the board.

Whatever the conclusion comes to, it’s advised that you consult with a heat pump repair Miami technician. He or she will be able to troubleshoot your system to find the real issue. This will take the guesswork out and quicken the pace for restoring your AC system to working condition.