Top 5 Common Problems with Air Conditioners in Austin, Texas

Top 5 Common Problems with Air Conditioners in Austin, Texas

When your air conditioning system decides that it no longer wants to cool down your home, what do you do? The first thing you’ll have to do is have the issue diagnosed. This is, of course, best done by an AC repair Austin professional. This will ensure the quickest and most effective approach to solving your AC woes. There are various reasons why an AC unit would conk out or stop blowing cool air.

Improper Operation

One of the main reasons people face problems with their AC is due to improper operation. If you have your air conditioner running while the doors and windows are open, then your home won’t be able to cool down efficiently. Those who are using room AC unis should isolate the said rooms from the rest of the home, so to allow the room to cool down properly.

Electrical Issues

When your system first starts to act up, it’s a good idea to first check the fuses and circuit breakers. Allow your system to remain off for about five minutes, then reset the breakers. If it’s really hot the day it stops working, then it’s possible that the high-pressure limit switch has tripped. If so, just push the reset button that’s near the compressor’s access panel.

Improper Installation

Some of the reasons why you would probably need to contact an AC repair Austin tech is because of a faulty installation, insufficient maintenance and poor service procedures. When a unit isn’t properly installed, this can lead to leaks in your air ducts and insufficient airflow. For instance, you may not have enough coolant in the system. If the refrigerant charge doesn’t match the specifications of the manufacturer, the unit won’t function properly. This has to be done properly at the time of installation. The opposite can also cause problems — an unqualified tech putting too much coolant in a system that’s already full.

AC Coolant Leaks

Another problem that calls for an AC repair Austin service is a coolant leak. If you notice that the refrigerant in your AC is low, it’s possible that it was either undercharged at the time of installation or there is a leak. Putting more refrigerant isn’t the answer to this issue. You should contact an AC repair Austin technician to fix the leak before adding more coolant to your system. After fixing the leak, the professional will test the system to ensure the leak is repaired. A professional will ensure that the refrigerant charge meets the manufacturer’s specs.

Issues with Drainage

In Texas, the weather is humid almost all the time, which can lead to drainage issues in your air conditioning system. This is why you should regularly check the condensate drain to make sure that it isn’t clogged and that it is properly draining. If you are using a room AC, it may not have been mounted at the proper level.

When you are dealing with any type of issue with your air conditioner that you can’t fix yourself, don’t hesitate to contact an AC repair Austin company.